On Friday we went to a lovely French restaurant called Cafe Rabelais. It is small and dimly light, at once elegant and casual. The menu changes every day. The food is always fresh. Lucky for my project, the menu that night had escargot.

I, myself, wasn’t feeling very lucky. My recent track with new foods has been …interesting. I was tired and hungry and really just in the mood for some warm, delicious, comforting food. Snails are not what I had in mind. They don’t sound very comforting. They sound slimy and sticky. They also take 20 minutes to prepare. Yet, I needed to get my “dot” in for the day. I knew if I didn’t try it then, I would regret it.

Waiting to try the escargot, I’m embarrassed to admit, made me a really sour dinner date. I was sure it was going to be awful. The restaurant was so lovely, but I couldn’t enjoy it knowing I would have to swallow the sticky and slimy snails soon. It was another one of those moments when I just had to ask myself: why are you putting yourself through this?

The good news is I was ridiculously wrong. Escargot is really darn good. It has the consistency of a mushroom. They are dipped in oil (which for a brief, terrifying second I believed to be the slime), and topped with a bit of cheese. Mmm mmm mmm. 🙂

Yet the star of the night was my rosemary Dijon snapper! I started eating it and just had to take a picture, because even though it was not something new, it was magnificent–warm, delicious, and comforting–everything I wanted.

After our dinner and the Oscars, I really believe the French really do know what they are doing.