After reading a post by doodle house, which confirmed my suspicion that growing seeds is not as simple as it sounds, I started to believe that my little seeds would not survive. I had left them out in the unpredictable Houston weather for days. Some days were warm, but the nights were really cold. There definitely was not enough sunlight. I didn’t want to give up completely so I followed the advice on the post hoping for the best. I brought them inside and left them under artificial light for at least eight hours each day and….It worked! A few days ago I woke up to one of the prettiest sights ever. I was literally jumping and shouting from joy. So let me introduce you to my little seedlings:

I feel like a proud mother.

There is a total of ten seedling. I don’t know if there will be more, but in either case I’m happy. It’s a great way to start the spring season, now all I need is my allergy medicine.

Next up: strawberries!