After the Color Run I have acquired a taste for fun, out-of-the-ordinary 5k runs. So when the mud run came to town, we knew we had to go. I’ve never been one for running, but if it involves getting covered in colored powder or mud, that’s all me. Especially if there will be beer at the end.

I was actually a bit scared of the mud run at first because it’s looks very much like boot camp. The pictures on their website are all of people who look like they joined the military for fun and could do the course with their eyes closed. But when we got to the race site and saw women dressed in tutus and men with shirts that read “I’ll run for beer” I knew I was among my kind.

The mud run isn’t for the squeamish because, as the name implies, you get drenched in mud. If you don’t take yourself too seriously, definitely give it a try if you can. I laughed so hard every time I saw my boyfriend come out of an obstacle looking like the swamp thing. I probably didn’t look any better, but thankfully there isn’t much evidence since carrying a camera through all that mud just didn’t seem like the best idea.

There isn’t a lot of “running” in the run because it’s hard to run when you’re covered in mud, but the obstacles still make it a challenge. I was sore all weekend long.

As I mentioned before, we didn’t have a camera but some of the obstacles were visible by the highway so we drove around after and took a few. More pictures might be available later when they post them on the website, if so, I’ll post those later.

This was the scariest obstacle since holding on is really hard when your hands are wet and muddy… and you have almost no muscle. See the ambulance? Yeah, it’s that scary.

The slide was definitely one of my favorites. I mean just look at that thing! My other favorite was a jump of about 10 feet into muddy water. Very refreshing.

I even got a little badge-of-honor bruise from one of the tunnels. I’m kind of bad ass.

And this is us waiting patiently for our beers after being hosed down by firefighters at the end of the run:


What runs have you joined or want to join that you recommend?