Every Thursday I’ll be writing a post to share someone or something that inspires me. It’s my way of keeping track of what inspires me and motivates me and maybe, hopefully, it will inspire someone else too.

I have been obsessed with a show called Failure Club since it started back in January. I stumbled across it by chance on yahoo and now I follow it religiously. The show is about a group of New Yorkers who each set a ludicrous goal to accomplish in the course of one year. The goal has to be something people would normally consider ridiculous for two reasons: 1) the higher you aim, the more you achieve and 2) failure is the goal. That seems stupid at first, but it actually makes sense. They are demystifying failure by choosing to face it head on and accept it as a part of their goal, not the end of it. The hope is that by the end of the project they will be people who can set “ridiculously high” goals and not be intimidated by them and the setbacks that come their way. And maybe, just maybe, one day succeed. Yes, it all sounds really sappy, but it’s actually really cool and realistic and honest. It’s produced by Morgan Spurlock (Super-size Me) who I now love.

These are the people and their goals (click on the link if you want to see one of their episodes):

Jess who wants to start her own catering company and have 100 paid jobs by the end of the year (she currently has had two).

Meg who wants to book a paid stand-up comedy show in front of 200 people and has terrible stage fright.

Liz who wants to run her own handy-man business and do 10,000 jobs in one year.

Eric who wants to build a motorcycle and take a road trip on it by the end of the year to honor his father who passed away (and knows virtually nothing about motorcycles).

Elizabeth who wants to write a world-famous Christmas song.

Ignacio who wants to start his own brand of men’s clothing.

And Gina who wants to win a blue ribbon in a jumping competition (and has arthritis).

So check it out and let me know what you think :). And feel free to recommend stuff too!