Free Press Summer Fest took place 2 weekends ago, and though I am not new to the festival itself, it is a great way to discover new bands and even styles of music I’ve never heard of before. Below are my top four bands from this years festival (in no particular order). Click on the link with the band’s name to listen to one of their songs!

Brains For Dinner-Tainted Love

Brains is a local reggae band and, no, I’m not new to them, but I still had to include them because they are great. Their shows always have so much energy and the vibe is always laid-back and playful. And I’m not saying this only because the sexy sax player happens to be my boyfriend!

The Riff Tiffs-Somewhere

This was a very popular band back when I was in high school, but I wasn’t cool enough to go to battle of the bands back then so I just now learned about them. Their sound is very psychedelic. They are a lot like Radiohead, but they still have their own sound. They joked that they would be touring with Coldplay next year and everyone fell for it because they are that good.

The Ton Tons-Leon

I LOVE the lead singer of this band. Her voice is absolutely beautiful and she can really draw a crowd in. Their music is nice and mellow. The kind of thing I am always in the mood for.

Willie Nelson-Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die

Oh Willie! How did I just now learn about you? I had heard of Willie Nelson before, but I had never heard Willie Nelson before. His music is not the kind of thing I would really look for, but only because I wouldn’t know to look for it. It’s real country.

I hope you like the bands as much as I do. And, of course, feel free to recommend any others!