Photograph by Annie Griffiths Belt of National Geographic

For the blog, I keep a list full of ideas of new things I can try to do. A lot of them can be done whenever like recipes, movies, and mini-projects; Some have a specific date like the runs and festivals; And then there are those things that require a bit more time and planning. The latter go on what has become my Dots’ Wish List. Since it will take a while for those things to be scratched off my list, I thought I could share one of my wishes once a week here with you. The first one I want to share is Devil’s Pool in Victoria Falls.

On the edge of the falls on the Zimbabwe border is a small pool of water that has virtually no current so people can jump in, swim, and even sit on the edge of the falls without necessarily being suicidal. It is one of those experiences that cannot be compared to any thing else…EVER. Absolutely terrifying and absolutely amazing. My criteria for new things to try for this project is this: do everything that either a) you find exciting, b) scare you, or c) put you off. Devil’s Pool is all of the above. It must be such a rush to be on the edge of something so powerful and magnificent, to hear the thunder of the waterfall, and yet to know that you are safe (somewhat).

Would you ever take the leap into Devil’s Pool?