So my organization strategy is not working smoothly just yet :/. In any case, I still wanted to share my inspiring person for this week.

About a month ago I was looking for an aerial class and tips on how to prepare for it, and I ended up stumbling on a blog called sillygrrl. Sillygrrl is written by Sarah who is a web designer and aerial performer. I started browsing around her blog looking at her aerial pictures and blogging tips until I ended up reading just about every post she had written since 2009. Yes, I got stalkerish. It was just so great seeing how her blog had evolved and how much she had improved from her first aerial class.

What is really inspiring about Sarah is her talent for making goals. She is one of those people who really follows through when she has a vision no matter how long the goal might take to be achieved. She recently quit her job to run away with the circus and focus on web design after a long time planning and preparing for it. For someone who has spent her life quitting things when I don’t see results quickly enough, reading her blog from (just about) the beginning and seeing how many goals she had accomplished through sheer tenacity and patience was really inspiring. Somethings really take a lot of time and if you really want to achieve them you must have a real plan and determination and dedication. It all sounds really obvious, but when you’re frustrated with the lack of results (mainly, I now realize, from lack of serious effort) the obvious becomes really cloudy.

She has a lot of tips on her blog on how to achieve goals and even how to set goals. I’ve already started implementing some of her tips into my life. I hope one day I can look back on my blog and think “wow, how I’ve grown!”

Reading her blog not only got me more excited about aerial class and goal planning, but it helped me get back into blogging. Remember when I disappeared from the blogging world? Reading her blog was one of those nudges I needed to get back on.

I hope you visit her blog and, again, suggestions for iThursdays are more than welcomed!

P.S. If you are like me and love seeing people do cool shit (like aerial!) check out her video of a duo trapeze performance: