hahaha…the economy…

It took me by complete surprise to find out there was a polo club in Houston. It is neatly tucked away like they actually want it to be a secret. Entering there made feel like part of an elite secret society, you know, like Hogwarts.

I thought I would be lost the whole time since I don’t know anything about the game, but as it turns out, you really don’t have to know anything about polo because nobody watches the game…literally NOBODY. Everybody just sits around drinking alcohol and socializing. The narrator’s voice is barely audible. I never knew who was playing, who scored when, or even when the game ended. I actually prefer going to games like soccer where you really can’t help but be sucked into the game because of the fans’ enthusiasm, but we kept with tradition and got drunk with a bottle of champagne. When in Rome…

I’m sure playing polo is ridiculous fun, though.

I actually loved getting dressed up for a sporting event. If I ever go again I’ll make sure to wear a floppy hat…I think I’ll start dressing up for soccer matches. The weather was great when we were there so sitting in the grass drinking champagne and taking pictures turned into a really great time.

I must say, all this polo watching and fencing is really getting to my head. I am starting to feel very royal.