Wake-boarding, it’s safe to say, has been the most physically humiliating thing I’ve ever tried. The first time we drove by the wake-boarding place (we had to turn around several times) my heart began beating about 1000 beats per second when I saw all the obstacles and high jumps people were doing. These weren’t people who were just messing around to “try new things.” I was gonna make a fool of myself… And I did. I ended up being sent to the lil bro section after I went to the advanced section by mistake, fell flat on my face in less than .5 seconds, and broke one of their strings. Like this:

This is probably the most graceful picture of me in action… I took quiet a beating that day, even in the lil bro section, but after about my fifth try I was able to get all the way from one end to the other in one go. After the first time (when I fell in the advanced section) a big part of me wanted to just call it quits and go on home, but it would have been more embarrassing to go back to the front desk and hand back my equipment after only five minutes when finding a vest my size had taken at least twice as long. I ended up staying for about two hours, because (lo and behold!) I ended up having one of the best times yet :). It was challenging and rough enough to keep me entertained, but I was still able to make enough progress to not feel discouraged. I would have stayed longer but my arms were incredibly sore and my hands were getting blistered. Plus, I had the air knocked out of me over 30 times. That will wear you out.

I am definitely going wakeboarding a few more times this summer. I’ll make sure to wear a one-piece though. I ended up mooning the fishes a few times :o!

Check out the video to see me in action!! I promise you’ll get a laugh or two 🙂