My post on Zaz yesterday got me thinking about street performers and street art. I’ve had a fascination with street art ever since my freshman English teacher in college introduced us to Bansky. I became even more enthralled by it when I went on a trip to Spain last October. My favorite part of travelling through Spain was walking down the streets and discovering a declaration of love or painting in graffiti on the side of a building. In many ways I enjoyed this more than going to major landmarks because it felt like I had stumbled across something few others had seen. Because it was more intimate. Because it was out-of-place and completely unexpected. That’s what I love about street art: it catches you off-guard. Street artist are masters of the use of space. They take something familiar and turn it upside down. The same bland wall, street, bench, what-have-you becomes something playful, interesting, colorful, beautiful. You can never look at a blank wall or street sign the same way again. It inspires me to look beyond the obvious for the hidden art that hides in everything and expose it. Also, street artists are normally constrained by time, afraid to get caught or risk being arrested or fined. It takes guts to be a street artist. They have something to show and will risk their necks to show it. They refuse to be restricted. You’ve gotta admire a spirit like that :). The images below were found on Street Art Utopia, an amazing site! I’ll share the ones I took in Spain tomorrow. Enjoy!

I would love to wake up and find my apartment building covered in bicycles.

Pay close attention. This is a 3D image painted on the side of two buildings! Imagine how bland it was before.

Like something out of a story book

Walking to work would be much more pleasant if you had to walk up stairs like these


Sometimes the smallest change makes such a big difference