I got dots a twitter account! I have never tried twitter before. I can’t really say I understand it, but it should be interesting learning how to work a new social media network. I haven’t done that since high school when I switched from myspace to facebook! I thought it might be a good way to update readers on previous posts (like what’s going on with aerial classes and such) instead of doing a whole post since some things don’t really call for a whole post. Plus, it could be a good way to interact with other readers and bloggers. So what do you say, want to be my first follower??

On another note, I learned something really cool for all you bloggers or hopeful bloggers out there that you might not know. You see those icons on my new sidebar? (You might need to leave your feeder or email to see them) Those are little icons that will lead you to an rss feed, my twitter, and bloglovin. I have wanted to learn how to add my own customized icons for so long, but html and css can be a bitch to learn. If you look at the video below, this guy will show you a cool trick on how to add your own customized icons to your sidebar–or any image with a link for that matter–with no need to use html. You’ve gotta love youtube sometimes.

AND if you want me to teach you how I did my own customized icons, I can write a post on that too. There are various tutorials out there on how to use clipping masks and it’s probably the easiest, most useful thing I’ve learned on photoshop yet. If you’re interested leave me a comment below and I’ll get on it :).

I hope this post was useful. Whenever I manage to learn something new on blogging I’ll make sure to write a post. Oh, and follow me on twitter, please (just click on the flower-clad bird on my sidebar)! Leave me your link if you want me to follow you too.