Another bucket list item scratched off the list! A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I took my little cousins to the drive-in. We borrowed my sister’s truck and grabbed some blankets, pillows, and snacks along with a soccer ball to pass the time while the sun went down. It was a really unique experience–much more than I had anticipated. I got on the swings with Valeria while my boyfriend and Pablito tossed the ball around. It was so low-key and laid back. It just felt right. Come sunset we all found a spot in the back of the truck to wait for the movie to start. There were so many stars in the sky! For someone who lives in a big city, stars are kind of a big deal. My boyfriend even saw a shooting star. Lying on my boyfriend’s stomach watching the stars was my favorite part of the night. It was a double feature, but the batman movie we went to see was over around midnight and the kids had to go home so we couldn’t stay for the second one. It was still incredibly affordable even for just one movie and it was, without a doubt, my favorite movie experience yet.