A while back, my boyfriend and I took a Friday morning off from work to take a 2-hour sailing lesson. We woke up really early and drove about 40 minutes to a little town called Kemah. Besides the obvious perks of being off work and out playing in a luxury sail boat in the middle of the sea, what I really enjoyed about our little adventure was meeting our instructor. He used to have a high-paying, stable job working in finance at a major bank, but when he felt like his job was no longer making him happy he decided to make a major life change, quit his job, and start his own business in something he always enjoyed doing–sailing. Now his office is essentially the ocean. It was inspiring to hear him tell his story. As a child, and even up to college, I never truly appreciated the courage it takes to break from the worn path and try something different. Now that I am on the hunt for a job that makes getting out of bed every morning worthwhile for me, it is starting to click. It is hard not to think about money and stability and safety. It is hard to let go of prestige and the relief of knowing that you have an acceptable answer to that dreaded question: “So what do you do?” But I guess when you’re out in the vast ocean even the word “impossible” feels small.