I wanted to share my top 5 Ted talks on art (similar to my top 5 art documentaries last week), but I fear five talks of 10min+ each might be a bit too much for some people to take all in one sitting, sooo… I decided to make it into a series! For the month of March, I’ll be sharing one great talk by one great artist every Friday.

First up is Aparna Rao of Pors&Rao. I’ve watched her talk over five times already, and never tire of it. I am in love with the ingenuity of her work. It’s a mix of art, technology, and engineering with a touch of humor and playfulness. What I am most drawn to is the way she manages to give each of her works its own personality. It is art that’s not meant to simply be viewed but rather, it is art that ecourages people to engage and interact with it. Enjoy!