It’s officially spring break for me! I don’t even mind still having to go to work full-time and allergy season kicking in because not having a load of projects due the next week meant  I got to ride my bike, drink a cold beer, and visit some new food trucks this past weekend. I didn’t even cook  on Sunday! Now that it’s Monday and I’m back at work, I think it’s time to devout the rest of my so-called spring break to develop a strategy. The first half of my first semester back in school was pretty chaotic with a ton of up-all-nighters and way too many mood swings. All the anxiety and last-minute work has been showing not only in my finished projects but in the way I carry myself as well. I need a new plan and a new schedule. I want to have time to do all the work that needs to get done, side projects (drawing lessons please), plus some down time. Besides all that, I am “training” for a 5k coming up soon and falling in love with Tina Fey.

How is life on your end?